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Excelling in Hydrogen

Waterstof MarktRapport1 mei 2022Jacques van de Worp

Dutch technolgy for a climate-nutral world: the second gasrevolution. Looking for specific expertise or technological solutions? In this section Dutch technology providers with international track records introduce themselves and their portfolios.

Over 50 years ago, large natural gas reserves were discovered in the Netherlands. As a result, one of the world’s most extensive and sophisticated gas grids was developed. A second gas revolution is well underway with the introduction of carbon-neutral hydrogen. Next to its use as feedstock or fuel, hydrogen can, as an energy carrier, solve systemic issues by enabling further integration of renewable energy in our energy system. Although challenges lie ahead, fostering the development of hydrogen is key to making the energy transition a success.

The Netherlands is determined to play an efficient and constructive role in building a global hydrogen economy. As this guide illustrates, the Netherlands is already at the forefront of European initiatives to take the hydrogen revolution further, building on various strengths including its strategic location as the gateway to North-Western Europe and a key hub in the global oil and gas trade, with the necessary infrastructure in place. The North Sea offers a unique opportunity for large scale wind and solar electricity production at competitive cost. The country is also home to a rich ecosystem of research institutes and industrial partners who are remarkably effective at translating ideas and concepts into feasible, integrated solutions. This has resulted in a wide-ranging portfolio of technologies that covers every step in the hydrogen value chain, from electrolysis to transport and storage of hydrogen and a range of applications across sectors including industry, road and maritime transport and residential heating.

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