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Position paper VEMW "Hydrogen certifcation"

Klimaat Waterstof Emissie, KwaliteitPositionpaper VEMW13 december 2022Matthieu van den Beld

VEMW proposes in this position paper a certification scheme for Hydrogen Guarantees of Origin (GO/ GVO)

VEMW PP Hydrogen certificationThe energy transition demands the change from fossil fuels to renewable-based energy carriers. The Dutch government, the European Commission, and VEMW foresee a large role for Renewable fuels of Non-Biological Origin. Hydrogen can take this role but this transition has to be properly facilitated. This includes a certification scheme elaborating on the CO2 emissions of the hydrogen produced. This certification scheme has the function to (1) unambiguously determine the carbon footprint of the production of hydrogen; (2) make the proposed EU regulations and targets executable, and (3) strengthen the hydrogen market regardless of the CO2-emissions through trading of these guarantees in a liquid international marketplace.