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Ifiec feedback on gas networks - revision of EU rules on market access

Gassen Waterstof Netwerken, Markt1 april 2022Jacques van de Worp

IFIEC welcomes and in many aspects supports, the European Commission's proposal for a Hydrogen and Gas Decarbonisation Package. We agree that renewable and low-carbon gases, including hydrogen, have an important role to play as we move towards a carbon neutral society.

IFIEC, representing energy intensive customers, welcomes and in many aspects supports,the European Commission's proposal foraHydrogen and GasDecarbonisation Package.We agree thatrenewableand low-carbongases, includinghydrogen,have an
important roleto playas we movetowards a carbon neutral society.Theirefficient and sustainable developmentcan only be achievedthroughwell-functioning gas markets and a reliable as well as cost-effective infrastructure.The ongoing situation in Ukraine  and related consequences for European security of supply, further emphasize the need for rapid deployment ofharmonized rules to ensureEurope movestogether towards the common goal of a carbon neutral future, delivering efficient markets and adequate, costeffectivesecurity of energysupplies.In that contextIFIEC is happy to take the given opportunity to contribute a number of relevant aspects whichwillbe helpful tofacilitate the penetration ofsuchgases,whileat the same timesafeguardingthe competitiveness of European industry.