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Gasunie Tennet Infrastructure Outlook 2050

Elektriciteit Gassen Beleid en toezicht, NetwerkenRapport1 januari 2022Jacques van de Worp

Phase II ― Pathways to 2050 A joint follow-up study by Gasunie and TenneT of the Infrastructure Outlook 2050.

TenneT and Gasunie present their study Phase II – Pathways to 2050. This study is a follow-up on the Infrastructure Outlook 2050 (IO2050) study, which contributed to a better understanding of the possibilities of a future integrated energy system for Germany and the Netherlands in the year 2050. Phase II is now bridging the gap from the year 2030 - the planning horizon of current national grid development plans - and 2050 by studying possible transition pathways. The impact of  istinct future developments regarding renewable energy sources (RES) supply and energy demands on the transforming energy infrastructure is analyzed.