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Report Hydrogen Europe: European Hydrogen Act

Waterstof Wet- en regelgevingRapport1 april 2021Matthieu van den Beld

The European Hydrogen Strategy has set ambitious targets with a view to developing a hydrogen economy. The strategy represents the first step towards success.

Now, the EU needs to “act” to turn ambition into reality. The current hydrogen policy and regulatory elements of hydrogen are distributed over gas, electricity, fuels, emissions and industrial frameworks, with limited overarching coordination. It is time that hydrogen moves from an afterthought to a central pillar of the energy system and its key role in delivering climate neutrality means it merits a dedicated framework. The proposed “Hydrogen Act” is not a single piece of legislation, it is intended to be a vision for an umbrella framework aimed at harmonising and integrating all separate hydrogen related actions and legislations. The Hydrogen Act focuses on infrastructure and market aspects, describing three phases of development: the kick-start phase, the ramp-up phase and the market-growth phase.