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IFIEC response to EU Hydrogen strategy

Gassen Waterstof MarktRapport19 februari 2021Jacques van de Worp

The European industry faces major challenges to reduce its emissions related to both energy consumption and feedstock usage. Hydrogen will play an important role towards a carbon neutral society.A coherent EU industry and energy policy will be one of the main key success factors.

IFIEC welcomes and in many aspects supports the EU hydrogen strategy as a policy framework to foster the implementation of hydrogen within the European Union. We agree that hydrogen will play an important role towards a carbon neutral society as well that particular Energy Intensive Industries, by scaling up their use of hydrogen, should play a key role in developing a sizeable, well-functioning hydrogen market and a cost-effective infrastructure. Industry fosters the development of innovative sustainable technologies and products with carbon and hydrogen as important building blocks for fuels and products. IFEC believes in an organic rollout and phased development of a hydrogen infrastructure, consisting of carbon neutral hydrogenproduction, transportation, storage, connections and
interconnections, evolving in time, from a local and national infrastructure via a regional European to a European-wide hydrogen supply system. A system that is both reliable and affordable for users.
In reference to the EU hydrogen strategy, IFIEC is happy to take the given opportunity to contribute a number of relevant aspects which both may be helpful to implement the EU hydrogen strategy and safeguard the competitiveness of European industry.