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Report Project 6-25 Technology Validation


Klimaat Subsidie1 juli 2020Jacques van de Worp

Report by PDC / Royal HaskoningDHV (Englis and Dutch version available)

In accordance with theClimate agreement the Dutch industry needs to reduce 14.3 Mtons of CO2 emissions by 2030 (compared to 2015) additional to CO2reduction obligations of 5.1 Mtons from the EED (total 19.4 Mtons). Most reduction measures require infrastructural changes that will not be realised before the end of 2025.

Innovative energy efficiency measuresas presented byProject 6-252 offer a CO2 emission reduction potential that can be realised before the end of 2025 in a cost-effective way. FME in cooperation with VEMW asked the consortium of Royal HaskoningDHV and PDC to perform an independent validation study. The study was supervised by a steering group with representatives of technology suppliers, industrial energy consumers and independent technology experts.The objective of this project is to validate independently the cost-effective and proven CO2reduction potential that can be realised in the Dutch industry by  applying 15 preselected innovative technologies. We call this the Feasible economical reduction potential