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Candidate PCI projects in cross-border carbon dioxide (CO2) transport networks in view of preparing the 4th PCI list

Klimaat MarktRapport12 februari 2020Jacques van de Worp

This document includes information regarding all cross-border carbon dioxide transport networks projects submitted by projects  promoters between 27 November 2018 and 2 March 2019 in view of assessment and preparation of the fourth Union list of Projects of Common Interest, to be adopted in October 2019.

This project will involve the development of the necessary infrastructure to transport captured CO2 from a CCUS cluster of heavy industry (oil refinery) and two gas fired CCGT's to enable the CO2 to be transported either to local geological store or if unavailable to another store managed by another CCUS project developer. The import infrastructure and geological store will also be made available as a backup storage facility to other CCUS developments.