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Ministerie EZK Preventive Action Plan Gas 2019

Gassen Beleid en toezicht, Wet- en regelgevingWetgevingsdocument30 september 2019Jacques van de Worp

In order to reinforce security of natural gas supply in the European Union, Regulation (EU) no. 2017/1938 of the European Parliament and the Council (hereinafter referred to as the Regulation) entered into force on 1 November 2017, replacing Regulation 994/2010 of  20 October 2010 concerning measures to safeguard security of gas supply.

The Preventive Action Plan 2019 is an update of earlier Preventive Action Plans drafted under regulation 994/2010, contains new facts and figures and is brought in line with requirements set out in the Regulation as well as with recent decisions on gas production from the Groningen field. Where relevant changes in comparison to previous Preventive Action Plans have occurred, the analyses have been updated. This includes the incorporation of remarks and questions received last year from the European Commission on the previous Preventive Action Plan 2016.