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Rapport CE Delft Effecten van sluiting drie extra kolencentrales

Klimaat Beleid en toezicht, Wet- en regelgevingRapport1 mei 2019Jacques van de Worp

Aanvullende maatregelen leiden niet tot de in de "Urgenda" uitspraak vereiste 25% reductie van CO2-emissies.

Summary: The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) recently calculated that in the absence of additional policy measures the Netherlands cannot comply with the ‘Urgenda’ court ruling, under which Dutch CO2 emissions must be reduced by at least 25% by 2020. With current policies there will be no more than 17-24% reduction, leaving an overshoot of at least 9 Mt CO2. The government has already announced closure of the Hemweg coal-fired power plant this year, giving around 1.5 Mt net reduction, but this is still far from enough to meet the Urgenda target. Thesocietalorganizations Greenpeace, Natuur & Milieuand het Longfonds asked CE Delft to investigate the impacts of early closure of three additional coal-fired units: Uniper, Engie and RWE.