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Explanation GTS Tariff Proposal 2020

Gassen Netwerken, Prijzen en tarievenSchema6 maart 2019Jacques van de Worp

The average tariff increases by 10% compared to 2019
1. This increase is mainly the result of methodological changes: 9%
Changed method decision 2017-2021: increase of allowed revenue for the years 2017-2020 by EUR 46 million. This difference must be fully settled in the 2020 tariffs; Application of the NC TAR decision
2. The effect of declining capacity sales is expected to be limited to a tariff increase of 1%

  • Context of the tariff proposal
  • Reference Price Methodology (RPM): How to determine reference prices
  • Input for RPM: Forecasted Contracted Capacity 2020
  • Input for RPM: Allowed revenue 2020
  • Calculated Reference prices 2020 and graphic views
  • Reference price development 2021 and beyond
  • Next steps
  • Appendix