jun 2022
Online / 6-25

Energy Efficiency Quick Wins: Een totaal van 1500 ton CO2-reductie

Booster session June 23rd: Find your Energy Efficiency Quick Wins!

With energy prices going through the roof and the current unpredictable political climate, industrial companies are eager to reduce energy use fast. But is that even possible? Well…Yes! What most don’t realize is that there are numerous ways to be more energy efficient. Moreover, the benefits far outweigh the costs! For example, all exemplary cases have been deployed within 3 months after the Final Investment Decision. And, all of these projects are TRL 8 or 9, which means that the payback time is less than 5 years. That’s why at Project 6-25 you can sign up for special Energy Efficiency Quick Wins-sessions. We provide you with real-life solutions that have been implemented at asset owners.

Proven solutions in real life

On the 23rd of June you will learn which investments are quick -and most definitely not dirty- energy efficiency solutions. In this session KSB and Zytec will provide you with solutions that will help you to reduce energy in a short period of time. These two companies will show you how their solutions work in a real life setting by showcasing:

1. The working principle
2. The benefits for the asset owner
3. The benefits vs. the alternatives
4. The scope and the impact of the installation

This event will be hosted for you online on June 23rd 2022.  

KSB & Zytec

KSB: from 2 to 1 pump and 45% energy saving with optimization 
KSB will present how pump optimization helped Record Industries to reduce energy and subsequently improve uptime and lifetime and reduce maintenance costs. In this case, 110.00 kW (45%) of energy (57.530 kg/CO2) was saved and there is only 1 pump running instead of 2 pumps.

Zytec: Contact-free magnetic coupling results in 600 tons CO2 reduction
The second use case comes from Zytec. They will present how their contact-free magnetic coupling was the best solution for Tata Steel pumps in order to improve uptime and reliability at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership. With a payback period of only 2 years, energy and CO2 emissions were reduced up till 50%. Which in this case is similar to 600 tons CO2 reduction per year.

All cases will be presented in Dutch.


About project 6-25

Breaking CO2 reduction Barriers
Near future CO2-reduction goals impossible? Not anymore! There is nothing more sustainable than using less energy. But how to develop attractive energy efficiency projects? Project 6-25 helps you to create successful CO2-reduction projects with proven cost-effective energy efficient technologies that can be implemented before 2025.

Energy efficiency is the only short term solution
There are more ways to reduce CO2, like switching to hydrogen, carbon capture or plant electrification. However, these are all highly expensive and will take years to develop. The energy efficient technologies are available, proven and can be implemented in the near term. Therefore, energy efficiency is the only realistic and proven option we have to achieve substantial CO2 emission. These projects alone could help the Dutch industry achieve a 3-megaton reduction in carbon emissions as soon as 2025.

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